6 december 2013

Love Letter from the Sea, Tijuana, Mexico

Waves crashing leading me to sleep, taking me deep, to the deep
worlds to explore beneath
Touching the edges beyond life and death:
heavy cold hides fierce heated rage
Lost sailors souls float from the cracks,
leaking wounds under tons of weight:
pressing through drops dense as oil, leaden heavy
Water stones
No light, no love, nothing but devouring need
and passions unspoken, longings to feed
Shame and guilt and countless fears
Who can count that which no one sees?
Fishes, riches, all will end
we dance on the edge, dance on the edge
No breathe, no lungs, no oxygen here. But still, yet still
you can hear:
a thrilling tone, a cry, a shriek - hearts exploding,
a tone for kills. That tone I carry between my teeth
as they urge me forward, urge me to swim:
slithering bodies, glistening skins, scales and fins, scales and fins ...
My catch wrapped closely. They make love to me:
in salt and waves and sand beneath
All will die, but we are alive
Heaving bodies under starlit skies.

(Foto: Tijuana Playas, Mexico, fullmåne)

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